Polis Aperta
 is an association founded in February 2005 by the will of a group of people who serve in the police and armed forces and who share their work but mainly the homosexual (emotional) orientation.

Polis Aperta is member of a European network of LGBT (an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) police organizations, the European Gay Police Network. All the member associations meet every two years to compare the experiences of each nation in the fight against sexual orientation-based discrimination.

Or main aim is to fight against all types of discrimination, in particular against those based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Also, we are determined to tackle the issue of sexual orientation within the army and police world, in order to create a more peaceful and respectful environment for lesbians and gay people who serve and protect their own country in uniform.

Finally, we aim at conveying a different idea of what the police is and the police does. This new idea is that of an “open police in an open society” and we aim at reaching not only the LGBT people, but the wider society.

In accordance with the nature of its own goals, the Association includes as members also heterosexual people and friends belonging to the civil society.

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"The Simonetta's Courage"

Simonetta has participated in "Tales of Life" aired on RAI 3, one of the three Italian official TV channels


Gay Pride


Polis Aperta at Torino Pride and Berlin Pride

OSCAD does not replace the reporting of the crime to the police, nor represents an emergency call to the police itself. The Observatory gives support in case of discrimination till the end of the reporting procedures.

Vademecum Against Hate Crimes


DOWNLOAD NOW! Download now! Safety derives from knowledge

We have created a “vademecum” with very important information on what to do in case you are victim of sexual orientation- and/or gender-based physical and/or verbal aggression.

Ten years of Polis Aperta
Turin, 11-12-13 April 2015

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the foundation of Polis Aperta, we are pleased to invite you to events to be held from 11 to 13 April in Turin.

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